SUNSHINE OPTICAL Eye Care Practitioners Eye Examinations  You know where to go if you're feeling ill, or if your teeth are giving you grief. Your sight is just as important. Being aware of the warning signs of eye problems, eye disease and visual disorders is critical to getting them treated promptly and professionally. By proactively going to an optometrist you can avoid serious problems later on in life… 1. Early Detection allows for prompt treatment Changes caused by eye disease occur slowly and without obvious signs or discomfort. Regular eye examinations greatly improve the chances of detecting eye problems. As with general health disorders, early detection followed by prompt treatment, increase the chance of curing or controlling a disorder. 2. Prevent serious problems Consulting your optometrist only when you experience visual pain or discomfort may be too late to avoid serious problems. Many eye conditions can be detected during a routine eye examination. 3. Improved general health Regular eye examinations are equally as important as health or dental checks. Common ailments such as headaches and fatigue may often be caused by a visual problem. Making regular eye exams part of your health screening program can improve your overall well being Quality eye care for the family Eye Tests Eye Pressure Test Contacts Lenses Spectacles